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public service organization

Established in 1997 after transformation from the original Technical Museum Tatra. A non-profit, generally beneficial company has been founded by two partners: the town of Kopřivnice and joint stock company Tatra.

At present time there are four various exhibitions offered to you: Technical Museum Tatra, Lašské (Lachian) Museum, Fojtství (Reeve´s House) Museum and Exhibition of Emil and Dana Zátopeks.

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Technical Museum Tatra

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Lašské Museum
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Fojtství Museum
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History of Museum in Kopřivnice

Shortly after the war, one of the historic buildings (a villa of coach production founder family – Ignác Šustala, the present Šustalas villa) was – with the help of the then management of the town of Kopřivnice - set for the needs of the newly founding museum. The native of Kopřivnice, Emil Hanzelka, moved his private collections there and began with his own creation of exhibitions of the Lašské Museum.

Emil Hanzelka

In 1953 it was decided that the existing Lašské Museum would be rebuilt to a car and ceramic industry museum.

A new glassed exhibition pavilion was built near the Lašské Museum and the museum was transferred to the administration of the then Tatra, n.p.

Another object – Fojtství (Reeve´s House) belonged to the Technical Museum, protected by Institute of Monuments. The entire building was gradually restored during the years 1985-1990.

This year was open the new Fojtství Museum with exhibition dedicated to the history of Kopřivnice and production of the carriages.

On October 3, the new Technical Museum was officially inaugurated by the then Minister of Transport and Communications, Martin Říman, and Chairman of the Board of Tatra a.s.

In pre-Christmas time, the town of Kopřivnice and Tatra a.s. representatives signed documents that gave rise to a new legal subject called: REGIONAL MUSEUM IN KOPŘIVNICE, public service organization.

The VENI VIDI VICI ZÁTOPEK exhibition mapping the life, fates and sports successes of the married couple of Zátopeks was inaugurated in June.

Still in June, the object of the Fojtství Museum was officially associated under the administration of the REGIONAL MUSEUM IN KOPŘIVNICE. At the same time, an exhibition representing one-hundred-year-old tradition of truck production in Kopřivnice was initiated there.

In March the Technical Museum depository roof collapsed under a snow blast. Damage amounting to hundreds of thousands Kč occured, the building was intended for liquidation and the exhibits were placed to a new depository in Tatra premises.

At the same year, the Lašské Museum reconstruction lasting until 2005 took part. Renovation also took part in the exhibition of Emil and Dana Zátopeks and Fojtství Museum.



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