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Welcome to the website of Regionální museum v Kopřivnici, o.p.s. (Kopřivnice Regional Museum, charitable society) that operates the Tatra Car Museum – “TATRA Technical Museum”. If, besides visiting the website of the Museum of Tatra Cars, you also wish to visit the website of the Tatra Truck Museum – “TATRA Truck Museum”, go to its respective website at www.muzeumtatra.cz.


Each of the museums is situated in a different location within Kopřivnice. Our museum, the Tatra Car Museum – officially the “TATRA Technical Museum” – is situated in the city centre, in the building of the Kopřivnice Community Centre, at the address Záhumenní 367/1, 742 21 Kopřivnice. A brand new museum of the Tatra Trucks – officially the “TATRA Truck Museum” – is situated just off the Kopřivnice ice hockey arena, at the address Husova 1326/13, 742 21 Kopřivnice. On the same address, just opposite the new truck museum, there is also a museum depository with the famous diesel locomotive, which is listed as a national cultural monument, the “Slovenská strela” (Slovakian Bullet) – this depository is operated by our museum, i.e. the TATRA Technical Museum.

Upon visiting any of the said museums, we highly recommend all visitors to purchase a museum pass that is valid for each of these two museums, and besides that also to the Reeve’s House Museum (Muzeum Fojtství) and the Lachian Museum. If you wish to see the Slovenská strela rail car, which is currently open only during guided tours, you need to buy an extra ticket with time-specific booking (see more on this under the “Slovenská strela” section on this website).

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